Fitzpatrick & Company office fit-up


For the new Fitzpatrick & Company corporate offices, BGHJ Architects executed a 5,000 square foot fit-up of an existing office building in Charlottetown. The space includes private offices, meeting rooms, storage spaces, & an open office work space. The design focuses on client privacy and security while providing natural light to all interior areas through the organization of program spaces and the use of transparent elements. Client privacy is ensured through the careful detailing that prevents sound from travelling between meeting rooms and private offices.

The interior palette is comprised of a gradient of grey tones providing a modern and professional aesthetic for an accounting office. Dark wood gives warmth to the space while providing a bold contrast to the clean white walls and splashes of colour that appear throughout the space.

The main challenge in this project was maintaining an open office feeling while meeting the requirements for a large number of enclosed offices and private, sound-proof spaces.