Prince Edward Home

Client: PEI Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Program: /
Size: 88,800sf
Cost: $ 19M

The new Prince Edward Home is designed to integrate a variety of residents including those with dementia, those in long-term care, and those seeking restorative care. PE Home was designed to provide a sense of community and to maximize the comfort, dignity, and privacy of its residents.

The floor plan is divided into five “neighborhoods” each featuring a spacious spa with bathing and showering facilities. Every “neighborhood” contains two adjoining “households’’. With 12 members per household, each resident has their own room with private, en suite bathroom facilities. Outside of each room is a specially designed “memory box” in which residents can display personal items on the exterior at the entry to their living spaces. Residents in each household share a communal sunroom, an open kitchen area, a sitting lounge, and a living room/dining room.

PE Home’s neighborhood/household concept formally replicates the variation and structure of an urban environment, facilitating the creation of smaller community groups that interrelate with one another. The “neighborhood” and “household” organization of the project provides layers of intimacy promoting resident comfort and a sense of home.